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Cubase Chord Pads Vol 1

313 Presets for Cubase's Chord Pads

Cubase's built in Chord Pads feature is incredibly useful for coming up with Chord Progressions and sketching out ideas quickly. With it's auto voicing feature, Arpeggiator and Groupings ability it can accelerate the initial composition process hugely.

Cubase comes with the Major and Minor scales but we decided to create the presets in every key for the remaining modes in the Major scale as well as the Harmonic Major, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor scales and their respective modes. Included in this pack :

  • Major Modes - Dorian, Locrian, Lydian, Mixolydian and Phyrygian.
  • Harmonic Major - Dorian b5, Phrygian b4, Lydian b3, Mixolydian b2, Lydian Augmented #2, Locrian Diminished.
  • Harmonic Minor- Locrian nat. 6, Ionian Augmented, Ukrainian Dorian, Phrygian Dominant, Lydian #2, Super-Locrian.
  • Melodic Minor - Dorian b2, Lydian Augmented, Acoustic Scale, Mixolydian b6, Half Diminished, Altered Scale.
  • Requirements: Cubase 9.0 and above
  • Artwork: Joshua Hoehne
  • £14.99