About Coda 4

Coda4 is part Sync Label and part Sound Design / Production house. Founded by Mix Engineer Will Blackburn. We are a collective of Producers, Composers and Sound Designers based in England, UK and beyond.

Our focus with Coda4 on the one hand is to provide original sound content that inspires fellow Composers, Sound Designers and hobbyists to produce top notch musical scores for the film, tv and video game industries. And On the other, we house and license 100% exclusive music catering specifically for those industries.

We have over 20 years of experience in the world of audio {ranging from Composition to mixing to producing to sound design} and believe our products reflect that with the high standards we set ourselves for each release. Aside from the content we produce, we are happy to contribute on a bespoke capacity. If you have any specific sound design / mixing / composing requirements feel free to get in touch

We Support

We are strong advocates of a variety of charitable causes and have decided to donate a proportion of each sale to a dedicated charity. This is usually decided to coiincide with the theme of the particular product on offer.

Nordoff Robbins Nordoff Robbins

A Note to Artist and Fellow Composers

We would be delighted to hear what you can create with our sound sets so if you would like us to hear them and potentially feature them on this site please send us an email with a link to the song at coda4music@outlook.com.


  • Audio Director: Will Blackburn
  • Senior Developer: James Mcallister
  • Graphic Designer: Goy Design
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